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Distort: past, present, future, in high quality print ready PDFs.



DISTORT #48.5: This half sized issue of Distort is intended as a program guide for Al Montfort’s live debut as Snake at the Sydney Opera House.
DISTORT #48: A tribute to Al Montfort, Snake.
DISTORT #47: Modern Melbourne comedown: interviews with Brando's Island, Justin K Fuller and Moon Rituals, a piece by Jess Johnson who illustrated the art on the cover, a piece by Jesse Thomas about the YDI record Black Dust, and some writing on choice modern psychedelic, hardcore and psychotic electronic music: Glue, Blotter, Puce Mary, Culo, Long Knife, Perspex Flesh, Martyr Privates, Goosebumps.
DISTORT #46: Crisis
DISTORT #44: Interviews and conversations with Dribble / Gutter Gods, Jon Roffe (philosopher), HTRK, Constant Mongrel, Loke Rahbek, Ray Brassier (philosopher) and Jock Club.
DISTORT #43: Interviews and conversations with Dribble / Gutter Gods, Lakes, Puce Mary, Oily Boys, Low Life, Vanessa Amara, Lucy Cliche, Prolife and author S.T. Lore.
DISTORT #42: Features interviews with Omegas, The Throb, Beastianity, Red Red Krovvy, Drew Gates and NS Mayhem. Writing on E.M. Cioran, Justin Fuller, Oily Boys, Wet Cloth, Soma Coma, Hyperspace Vision, Croation Amor, LR, X-TG / Throbbing Gristle, Lakes, The Clean, Constant Mongrel, U202, Destruction Unit.
DISTORT #41: Featuring interviews with The Hunches, Night Prowler and Aaron Aspinwall (The Repos). Writing on Harry Crews, Repairs, Lost Domain, Waste Management, Factorymen, Jackman, Harald Grosskopf, Whores, Inservibles, Vile Gash, Schizophasia, Bits of Shit, Salvation, No Balls.
DISTORT #38 - Writing on Mugger / Ilegal / CCR / Rule of Thirds / Peste / Absurdo / Holy Terror (Gehenna / Catharsis / Inside Front) / Ausmuteants / Discipline Mag / Low Life / Peacebreakers
DISTORT #37 - Interviews with: Eddy Current Suppression Ring / Brainwashed Youth / Lakes / Bloodclot Faggots / the Inmates / Stab / Negative Guest List Writing on: The Stains / the Kinks / Folded Shirt / Iron Age / Degreaser / Kriegshog / Artificial Peace
DISTORT #36 - Interviews with: Mike Rep / Billy Bao / Greg Lowery Experience / Avon Ladies / Boston Strangler / Crazy Spirit / Negative Guest List / Bed Wetting Bad Boys Writing on: Human Mess / Antidote / Throbbing Gristle / Pushead / Puffy Areolas / Rival Mob / Gehenna / Naked On The Vague / Out Cold / Double Negative / The Zingers / Folded Shirt / FNU Ronnies / Gary War / Sixx / h100's
DISTORT #31 - Interview with Iron Curtain, Poikkeus / writing on Flesh World, Inmates, FU's, Black Flag, Condominium, Crazy Spirit, Nightprowler, Waste Management, Sweet Tooth, Royal Headache, William S Burroughs, Dennis Hopper, Siltbreeze, Pisschrist
DISTORT #28 - Interviews with Royal Headache, Lou Barlow (on Deep Wound / Last Rights / Dinosaur Jr), Born Bad, Scarcity Of Tanks, Criminal Damage, Video Disease, No Tolerance, Rival Mob, Home Blitz
DISTORT #26 - Interview with Rikk Agnew (re: All By Myself)
DISTORT #23 - Interviews with Waste Management, Watery Love, Wasted Time / writing on Straightjacket Nation tour of SE Asia (Indo, Malaysia, Singapore)
DISTORT #22 - Writing on the Christian hardcore of Dry Rot / loads of reviews
DISTORT #21 - Interviews with Sex/Vid, Shock Values (Split with RATCHARGE fanzine)
DISTORT #19 - Interviews with Lebenden Toten, Blank Stare, Homosexual Tourists, Napalm Hearts / a Hardcore 2008 dicksuck / RIP Ron Asheton and Lux Interior
DISTORT #18 - Interviews with Condominium, Brain Handle / Straightjacket Nation US Tour Diary
DISTORT #17 - Interviews with Gag Reflex, Homostupids, Puncture Wound, Darvocets
DISTORT #16 - Interview with Fucked Up / Writing on Clockcleaner, Draft Dodger, Poison Idea lyrics
DISTORT #15 - Sex/Vid, Voorhees, Smash N Grab, Disclose / GISM collector scum guide by Spider
DISTORT #14 - Cold Sweat / Subversion / The State / Distroy / bullshit on Black Flag
DISTORT #13 - Extortion / The Mormons / Bill Bondsmen / Voices Wake Us / Cardiac Arrest / Out Cold
DISTORT #12 - Annihilation Time / Formaldehyde Junkies / World Burns To Death / Pisschrist tour photo diary
DISTORT #11 - Masstrauma / Regulations / Thought Criminals / writing on 60's punk, Warning Fanzine, Peter Laughner
DISTORT #10 - Interview with Luke Dolan re: Arms Reach / writing on Schism Fanzine (uh...) and racial politics and hardcore.
DISTORT #9 - Interview with Chris Colohan re: Left For Dead / Japanese hardcore rumourmill / writing on Disclose, Severed Head of State, Upstab, Urban Blight / top 5 split LP's (uh...)
DISTORT #8 - Interview with Chris Erba re: h100's, The Ruiners and Upstab / writing on Alone In A Crowd, Roky, Fucked Up, Haymaker, Negative Approach, The Repos, Think I Care, The Testors / a reprint from Breakout fanzine of the 10 Ten Hardcore Records That Were Never Released (Haliechuk)